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like the advert said..

from Virginia slim's advert....  but then thought better of it 'cos well it's ciggie advert  and well it was just the phrase that came to mind...  as I sit here looking back on how far I've come  from this very moment three years ago
here's to the next three and the three after that.....

thank you to all my blog pals  and to Charlotte, Lynn, Debbie, Mand and Rick,  and to Moannie and J.P and  to all the special lovelie's I cannot mention here.. but most of all to my son Patrick,  who stayed with me... propped me up, every step, and for who I stayed strong and who now is making his own way. As am I

Saz x

Lest I remember..

the things that hurt and undo me... I continue to remain focused on the new home, the new venture, oh and the cat! Thank god for that wee ball of fluff!
The new project is in full swing; the public meeting went well with 40 people turning up to hear our song. 13 have signed up and promised to pay the dollar. We are on track for taking on the lease on 1st March (cross everything please) and to open mid March.  We (Stuart, my biz partner @ Very Vintage Affairs) have decided to name the venue Warwick Tower.....because the road is Warwick and the building has a tower...well duh, simples! needs lots of creative decoration and many pots of paints, so if anyone is free weekends come help out.. While I try and get my head around the paperwork side of things, and find more stock and remodel Sara's Attic; which I have decided to call 'Molly Anne's Daughter' in tribute to the lovely Moannie..

Saz x