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an enigmatic state!?

Happiness. Contentment. Joy. Pleasure. These are words we throw around, but I wonder if rarely do we really think about them and mean them? Understand them? Feel them. Is it a matter of subjectivity or perspective. In part I think yes, but I also believe in general terms the measure is the same yardstick of feeling. Of emotion.
Moannie and I were recently talking about the value of these words. Of how we of course aspire and hope. To feel them. The real deal.
We often innaely dribble out these words, about how happiness is all we want to feel. For ourselves. For our children. For mankind. Humanity. But it is such an elusive and transitory state . A state of mind that is transitory at best. Not available by request. It does not keep us alive. Though these states do nurture and nourish us. Keep us on track. A carrot to keep us on the road of hope.
I do not believe that happiness is a state of mind. I believe that happiness is a momentary state. More slippery than many its contemporaries. M…

sweet smell of success

l shouldn't have worried really,
on the back of a week of hell
no one could blame me for being a miss doubting thomas

but the proof was in the pudding
and lemon drizzle cakes

and cream scones

and buttered tea bread

' Just the Biscuit'
all manner of kitchenelia

my own stall 'Bag Diva' ...bags of vintage style..

new venture

on the back of my former Vintage website I have recently  morphed and started to build an old interest and hobby into a fledgling business,  BAG DiVA selling my handbag collection at fairs in the County as there is nothing in our part of the county I taken the bull by the proverbials and  organised Fairs in Carlisle, bi-monthly over 2012 with Stuart, a local fellow Vintage enthusiast and dealer...
introducing Very Vintage Affairs
rather self explanatory... been 6 months in the planning and next Saturday is our toe in the water first affair will post pics of the event .. wish you all could come...
Saz x