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is next to god awfulness.
l enjoyed my London trip on so many levels. Though particularly because I had time to suit myself, time away from pressure of work, time away from the kids, all types of timetables. Time away from decision making, which I abhor with a passion!

Sometimes, though thankfully not often when l am alone. Sitting in a coffee shop. Or in line in the bank or supermarket. Waiting in the car in line for the car park. Usually alone waiting. I get the heebee jeebee's. In plain speak a panic or anxiety attack. It comes in the form of a butterfly fluttering in my chest, a screaming in my head. Silent screaming. But I feel the noise. White noise. That drives darkness through the day like a knife through butter. It lasts but a few moments, but a dry fear stays a while. Remaining hidden amongst the layers of feelings and experiences we call life.
Whilst walking alone through the streets of London, it lurked. Unacknowledged. Invisible. Whilst feeling the beat of the city'…

Miscellaneous Mondays #2

here is my offering for another image with no home....yet. Pavement art, Manchester.

Happy Birthday to my daughter!

She'll probably be mortified, but it is her big day and I wish her a happy day.

'believe in yourself and magic will happen..'
love always
9 million bicycles

Something to keep you going...

a few days more ... until we start all over again for New Years Eve.... lets make dates with our girlfriends in our diaries NOW! Something to look forward to...

for this month....

OMGosh we gotta see this one!!! Gerry Butler, DING DONG!!!




and in the summer.....

A Sprinkle of Magic

soft candlelight the crunch of giftwrap childrens' laughter sparkling eyes flushed cheeks stockings on the bedpost glittering tree baubles jingling bells
a partridge in a pear tree the crunch of footsteps on snow twinkling tree lights hot mince pies squeals of delight
the scent of spices
the laughter of loved ones
a sprinkling of love

Miscellaneous Mondays #1

DarylE has wondered up this great theme for Mondays (monochrome or not) for all those photos we've taken and they don't seem to fit into any obvious category. Thus, here commences a 'mish mash' of the miscellaneous!

'Leaning on a lamp-post.....' Midnight Regent Street, London

Fabulous Frocks!

...Fab Frocks from the V & A costume rooms... (click to enlarge )
bodice detail from a Celia Birtwell designed fabric & dress late 1960's
1920's beaded column gown, Jean Patou
Zandra Rhodes early 1970's
A classic Chanel three piece worn by Gabrielle herself
Catherine Walker dress & jacket designed for Diana, HRH Princess of Wales for the Royal Tour, Hong Kong
looks like something Morticia would wear!
fabulous glass beaded back detail

floral Dior dress garnished with beads

and a jewel in the crown a Vivienne Westwood gown I would love to own!

... and here is a soupcon of fashions of the future new designs from young designers, students of fashion

ME time...

...does not necessarily equate to quiet time, at all! I'm home and l'm so tired. I've walked and l've walked! The train trip down from Carlisle to London was uneventful, thus newspaper, magazine, book, ipod... but on a Pendolino it was fast, blink and you'd miss the countryside whizzing by...
After checking into my hotel I wondered around Covent Garden
browsed the fancy food shops
then went to The National Portrait Gallery to view
and went to The Haymarket Theatre and watched Breakfast at Tiffanys
I then walked all the way from Picadilly via Regent & Oxford streets
to my hotel at Lancaster gate. at midnight. Phew!
Day two - the morning was spent finding then ratching around in the Persephoone bookshop. Bliss! I chose three books to wrap and put under the tree for ME!

Then I went to The Victoria & Albert Museum

where I spent hours in the Costume Rooms this is a Vivienne Westwood, I wish!! (more fab dresses in another post)
then viewed the marvellous Maharajah Exhibit…

Windows into Christmas

(double click to enlarge most of the images)
London's Oxford Street windows at nearly midnight, based on the Pantomine fairy tales and...

(that says tock btw, l know what it looks like...!)
OMGish fab Vivienne Westwood windows (strictly panto of course)

and a christmas kitsch bling Louis Vuitton
... santa baby, put one under the tree, for me...

Visit MamaGeek and Cecily, creators of Photo Story Friday.

Flying solo....

I'm off on a three day trip to London. Alone. Solo. Free from house, home, kids, timetables and clock watching. This has been planned since August and l'll tell you all about it when I return. See you all soon!