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I am mindful that by following a blog or by adding a blog to my blog list it is considered by many to be an honour. Indeed I too believe this to be so. I am also very aware that there are quite a few awards/memes that do the rounds and that by some they are received with mixed feelings, however these make me flutter with pride when I am given one I hope you like them too!
The rules of these lovely Blog awards as I understand them, is usually to honour 5-7 Bloggers at a time, so that I guess their worth isn't diluted.
So I have decided to create my own Award and I have given myself permission to give these to several or more of my favourite bloggers in' FFF's New Year Honours' and I will again on my 'official Birthday' in August - (I don't want an unofficial birthday as one is way too much as it is!)
I'm awarding THE SOULFUL AWARD to the bloggers I find particularly insightful, original, humorous, inspiring and yes soulful!
The online Dictionary definition…

ABC wednesday - X is for...

X is for kiss

My daughter aged 2yrs 8 months kissing her newborn brother of 5 days (see her also in last sundays post all grown up)
For the home of ABC Wednesday, go to Mrs Nesbitt's Place.

Another day, another year

I haven't ever understood or even enjoyed New Years Eve. I suppose in part this is because my parents didn't really celebrate it bar trying to stay up past midnight. This was probably more because they needed to be up later than the children. I do so understand that now my two are in their teens!
When Larry and I were younger I would try and keep up if we were out at the pub or a party, which we often were, (we were together for 17 years before the children came along). Most times I would have stopped drinking after my limit of 3 or 4 (or else l'm anyones!) and  everyone else would continue,  so you can see why it wasn't much fun then either. It was always such an effort  keeping company with those that could drink big.
Since having the children and the changes that they bring to our lives, in the last few years as they are older we have had cheese and nibbles and watched late night tele with Jools Holland into the early hours. But this year both children have 'plans…

For 17 years

Summer 1992

For 17 years  ... I have held you close I have watched over you I have protected you I have walked the night floors with you
I have kept you warmI have fed and clothed you
I have listened to you breathe
I have held your hand
I have heard your every murmur in the night
I have felt your pain
I have applauded your efforts  I have listened to your troubles
I have poured oil on troubed waters I have tried to soften the ground when you fall  I have supported your dreams
    I have been proud of you     I have walked by your side I have cherished every moment we have had together I have watched you grow into a beautiful, intelligent young woman
I look forward to watching you reach for your dreams
I have loved you
I will always love you....
Happy 17th Birthday !!

Summer 2008

Baz- The Wizard of Oz

Late yesterday afternoon after a few hours shopping, chatting and lattes, my pal and I went to see Australia the movie.  We were expecting a good film as we have enjoyed all of Baz's previous slightly off the wall movies.
And this was fabulous!
It started off with some very funny scenes,  all sweeping in style and amazing cinematography. The country is so beautiful, much more than I ever realised and it make us see that the USA isn't the only 'we have it all' scenery continent.
I loved it, loved it, loved it!
I must have cried 6 times and sobbed at the denouement ... we felt like we had been through the wars  ourselves, as it took us high and low and high and low again. It was well paced, very theatrically BAZ LUHRMANN  in style and  its story lines. 
An epic of  a  film in the tradition of Gone (walkabout) with the wind/rabbit proof fence/ the searchers  / and bit of Tora, tora, tora  (for the boys)and with a soupcon of  a betst loved Musical  thrown i…

CHRISTMAS MEME from FAMILY MATTERS (appropriately enough)

7 THINGS FamilyAffairs has tagged me for a "7 things" xmas thingy and as you know I lOVE listmaking of any sort !7 THINGS TO DO BEFORE MY PARENTS ARRIVE   1. I don;t have to do a thing as they won't be arriving as I've just got back from theirs in Kent. 7 THINGS I'VE BEEN DOING INSTEAD OF PREPARING FOR CHRISTMAS 1. Blogging 2. Working 3. Blogging 4. Writing lists on a non christmas theme 5. Cleaning the bathroom as it appears no one else will tackle it, ever. 6. Bulk cooking and freezing. 7 THINGS I CAN'T DO THIS CHRISTMAS
1. Relax
2. Keep hold of the remote (or nay other time) 3. resist cake and chocs 4. and so losing weight is improbable 5. Sleep in on Christmas day 6. Make the day last longer than 24 hours 7. Keep everyone happy 7 CHRISTMAS WISHES
1. Peace in this house
2. Happiness to all 3. Bose sounddock 4. Manage to relax just a bit

Christmas past

Well the day has been and gone and if Larry had his way he'd be back at work by now.....Boxing day afternoon and my daughter is at work earning £1 every 5 minutes she works...and seemed very keen to get out there today. She's very excited because she is 17 on Sunday and I can remember my 17th like it was only yesterday.

The day passed in a civilised and quite pleasant fashion, the kids were up at 8 am so l got up and we roused Larry, who washed off his bah humbugness whilst brushing his teeth and emerged in good humour.

I had layered out all the gifts from Santa, family and friends and there was an impressive array- I won't post a photo as I am embarrassed at how full it looked, even though I felt I had a measured approach to pressie buying this year!

Every one was pleased, Larry was particularly gobsmacked when I placed a large box in his arms - The Supreme Dalek - the gift not him - and not a hint of bah humbug has surfaced,  yet  - I  do love surprising my family with my c…

A Little Magic

soft candlelight
the crunch of giftwrap
childrens' laughter
sparkling eyes
flushed cheeks
stockings on the bedpost
glittering tree baubles
the scent of spices
jingling bells
the crunch of footsteps on snow
twinkling tree lights
hot mince pies
squeals of delight
a sprinkling of love


If I show you mine...ABC Wednesday...

For the home of ABC Wednesday, go to Mrs Nesbitt's Place.
W is for Wednesday Wishes

...will you... me...


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For the home of ABC Wednesday, go to Mrs Nesbitt's Place.


shit, bugger, fuck, bum!!!!!in the rushing around today on my day off and the  juggling that has been my day today I have completely stuffed up!!!
I got home from the manic town, the  post office, the bank, I have driven my son to friends, and am soon to drive him to dentist following removal of braces yesterday.   I started to wrap my daughters birthday gifts , I have bought her  some goodies and a lovely gift and I  cannot find the special gift and  then realised with a very loud oh shit fuck bugger bum,  that in error with my mind completely screwed and  stressed out even though I have got everything and am all done.....I have posted her gift to a woman who has bought my Biasia bag online !!!!!!
It's my daughter's 17th birthday on Sunday and I will never get it back to me by then, even if the lady does get my email and kindly resends it to me by return from the other end of the country!! I spoke to the Local Royal Mail sorting depot, and it has already  been collected and is …

Anticipation rules!

I was pondering today whilst at work - as it was so very quiet and I had nothing to do - thinking there's only a few days to go 'till Christmas day and how when I was a child it was almost excruciatingly unbearable to wait! The night before Christmas day I couldn't fall asleep how l tired and in the wee dark hours of the morning I would eventually drift off unawares.I can even visualise the various bedrooms I have been in on Christmas eve. A cold night in snowy Canada, a crisp cold one in England in the 60's and mild one in Mexico City, even creeping down the stairs in my teens in the early morning as a teenager in the 70's to see IF Papa Noel had been yet!
I'm not sure about anyone else, but I've always firmly believed and cherished the feelings in the anticipation of the things, the fun of the chase, the waiting and crossing off date son a calender, saving up for that fabulous coat/bag/shoes.... and the anticipation I find that is key in anything, gifts, …

With a little help from my friends!

I found upon my return from Kent that another fellow woman of Kent'Sass' has honoured me with an award. This is a lovely award as it's a more personal award and I am thrilled to be given it, Thanks Sass!

This is the thinking behind this particular award:
These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.
I am very happy to pass this on to some very special people whom I have come to think of as 'friends' virtual or otherwise. If you haven't met them already pop by sometime soon!

One day I would like to meet them all for real!

PoeticLicence- the wise one, she is so funny too!

Suburbia and Familyaffairs - we all seem…

Pah! this modelling mularky...

...isn't all its cracked up to be you know!

I've just had half an hours fun with this creative widget

Create your own FACEinHOLE

Hearts and minds

Bloody heck time flies when you're.....blogging! 
Apparently I have posted 102 posts with this little announcement, since er July... I'm not sure if I should be pleased or appalled, perhaps cos I don't know if this is alot or average ... anyway who cares I'm enjoying blogging and meeting so many interesting people, sharing stories and images, thought and problems, hearts and minds!

Photostory Friday - A66

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Some images taken whilst I was travelling along the A66 to and from 
Scotch Corner, Northumberland  to Penrith Cumbria.
 I slowed right down and pointed the mobile phone out of the window,  hoping to catch something of the views as the skies and rural scenes were breathtakingly lit by the lowering sun.

Some images taken whilst I was travelling along the A66  to and from Scotch Corner, Northumberland  to Penrith Cumbria.
 I slowed right down and pointed the mobile phone out of the window,  as the skies and rural scenes were breathtakingy lit by the lowering sun.
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

My enthusiasm maybe curbed

I go away for a few days and what do I find when I get home?
Larry David has moved in...
Yesterday morning before I went to work, we exchanged news from our two little worlds, updates on daughter, son, dog, mothers in law etc. Then he regales me with the tale that he was in the supermarket standing in the queue idly looking into the baskets of those ahead- as I often rather smugly do. He noticed the woman in front had two pairs of black lace hold up tstockings and he looked right up at her and she caught his glance and they both looked down to the stockings and then back at each other. Without thinking he raised an eye brow and so did she, then they both looked away... do you see what I mean- a Larry moment which could so nearly have been a Larry disaster?
During this interesting chat our daughter launched herself into the room and asked, " Is it slippy?"
Larry " Er... I'm talking to your mother!"
Daughter - " Yes I can see, but is it slippy?"
Larry - "…