Tuesday, 12 April 2016

What a difference....

a year makes!

It has taken me the better part of the last month, to access my blogs (and Moannie's) as I feared it had alas been removed from the ether. Playing around with passwords and email addresses...I'm in again.

My last post , just 10 months ago...burst my seams, as again I realised how so much has changed!

I'm still,  in my new wee home, with Joey (dog) and Monty (cat).

My lovely son has returned from uni in the USA, attained a First Class degree and started work in London last Autumn as a writer...the world his oyster for the taking! My hero!

My beautiful daughter is in Leeds, amid her Midwifery degree, working at a Brazilian first class restaurant, all loved up with the Spanish Chef.... a meeting is on the cards AND he is taking her to meet his Mama is Spain this summer, so must be serious methinks! So proud!

My hugely supportive brother (TOAOS) is living contently in the Garden of England with his wife and Harry the cutest dog!!

My younger and what a stunner sister, and this is BIG NEWS, after many years, gave birth to her first child in February, a beautiful girl, who makes us all smile and HOPE!  How Moannie and JP would have been so proud!!

I am no longer involved with the Church enterprise I spoke of in my last post, luckily these days I know my limits., on many levels!

I am temporarily employed for now...
                                         awaiting any new opportunities and life to bite me!

Now I'm off to say hello to some old friends in blogland...

Saz x

Sunday, 14 June 2015

summer has arrived...

                                 ...and left us after two glorious days!

I've returned to blog-land as I miss the interaction, although I've probably been removed from many a sidebar as it's been quite a while.

It's been a year or more of ups and downs and adjusting, however I shan't bore you with all my travails right away, less is more!
                                     so in brief....I've moved home (yes again) and we've moved biz premises and expanded the biz, I'm sure there has been more but that will suffice for now..

meanwhile here are some pics which hopefully tell their own stories.....

dog walking amongst the buttercups

old school room and old cotton mill chimney (once the tallest in Europe, now shorter)

my Pal Joey

new venture in basement of old church...vintage in main church hall

up cycling furniture in new home

new biz premises

bbc news coverage video to follow

our new jazz cafe bar

new hair??!!

Saz xx

Friday, 15 August 2014

catch up...

It has been four months or more since I last posted and in that time I have, in the in-between moments, been reflecting and healing. Life happens, shit happens, yet mostly as they say,  time heals. 

I began this blog because I needed to have an outlet, as I felt instinctively I needed to have somewhere to be, just be, a place that was safe and mine ...I had little idea how important this place would become in a few months, a lifeline, a support line and a friendship line. i thought it was my approaching 50th birthday that would be rough to deal with...ahahahaha...if that had been the all of it!!!

Like Suburbia, since our very first posts, we have found our lives and circumstances change immeasurably, and yet blog land remains. true.
It changes, people come and go, but it is in essence.. it is sitting in limbo, waiting for us. 

In May my son returned from Uni in America, after almost a year and he has since inter-railed through Europe with a group of close friends, returning home for a few weeks work...and is now in Holland visiting friends he met at Uni,. It's his 20th birthday today and the whole world is truly his oyster! 

My daughter who has also been away from me, has completed three years uni in Leeds, with a First and now has a further 3 years midwifery to complete. Now 23 yrs old, she has matured into a hard working, responsible young woman. 
I could not be more proud of them both!

My business is growing day by day, it is exciting and rewarding. We are finalists in City & County Retail Awards nominated by customers.

Joey (my boy dog) has been with me for 6 months now and is flourishing, despite the english weather probably being a huge shock for his Cypriot beginnings. Monty (boy cat) outs up with him and they play and roll around the floor in greeting several times a day, Monty slinks off out for another forage and Joey licks his wounds (minor love scratches I promise) !

Joey (jackrussell+mini cyprus poodle)
I am now a proud plotter!! I have had an allotment since late May and have whipped it into shape, with a lot of help from my friends Faye, Andy and Matt and have spent hours upon hours, digging, seeding, composting, planting, raking, hoeing, trimming, tipping, turfing and painting...oh and sometimes I get to relax too!! Its a joy!!
After two months work... my little piece of sky

I have a few plans ongoing, which may or may not come to fruition, but at this moment I am not able to talk about them as they are unofficial and don't want to jinx them (or give the game away and spoil the PR surprise).

It's been a busy few months.... 
               and then...
a few months ago, something unexpected happened....

I met a lovely man, 
a gentle man,
a kind man.... we seem to laugh all the time .......and he makes me feel like a queen!

We're taking it a day at a time...and ...well who knows!

happy days!

Saz x

Monday, 7 April 2014


I thought it would be a fitting to share an old post  or two
of Mum's/Moannie's
from her blog

in tribute to her husband JP / my father
who passed away last month

He died suddenly at home,
they are together again.

Son, Husband, friend,  father & grandfather

 links below

Friday, 10 January 2014

my wee man

Joey is a Jack Russell, miniature Poodle cross, currently being kindly fostered in Cyprus. He is 4.5 months old and after having a home placement which fell through, I have offered him a forever home in the UK.

He is scheduled to arrive on Sunday 9th February.

I believe saving dogs and cats from Cyprus is a worthy cause, as there is little, if any potential for a happy, secure, healthy and cared for life. They are not born into a sympathetic pet culture and many do not find homes and are euthanized. So it is an expensive project, including vet bills, paperwork and flights to bring these lovely creatures to safety in Uk and other EU countries.
I have money for the vets bill and towards the flight and I have four weeks to raise the rest of the air fare.

Any help towards these costs will be most gratefully received, any surplus will be sent towards the costs of finding forever families for other pets currently being fostered or in one of several pounds.

Thank you so much!

please donate for Joey

Saz x

Friday, 3 January 2014


..and here we are firmly into a new year and I am sitting up wide awake in bed, yet again... I am reflecting upon what was in 2013 and what wasn't.

The 'what wasn'ts ' are left where they are, filed and duly noted, I shall unremember them.

However for the 'what was' ' and that which I choose to bring with me into 2014, are the things that are memorable, enriching, happy and surprising, be them the tiniest fragment of joy or the biggest new thing on the block!

I didn't get off to a great start in January as we had only recently lost Mumma a few months before, the countdown to my son's second year of uni starting mud summer in the States and i was in the middle of a roller-coaster of negotiations trying to secure a business lease and plan for a potential opening. I wasn't at my best and i was running low on fuel.

However as always when faced with a challenge I was defiant and rose to several occasions, decisions with all the positivity I could muster and determined to secure a purpose for myself and create something new for the city and opportunities for like-minded creatives and enthusiasts.

For most of the year I have been up to my painted eyebrows in lists, plans, accounts, coffee by the bucket load. The summer came and went, a few calm hours spent swinging in my hammock with Monty lounging in the shade underneath!
My son bravely ventured to up-state new York, defiantly resisting a few weeks at home for the seasonal holidays, where he remains, working hard, playing too, retaining A grades all round and Skype-ing his mum on demand! Bless the boy.

My friends, as always, have supported me at every step, picked me up when I stumbled and kicked me up the bum when I doubted ...I thank you all. I only hope I give back adequately when you need me.

My siblings,with whom we initially reunited in hardened purpose and now have found ourselves in friendship, is a surprising joy and gift.

I am excited to be adding to my wee family as I am hoping to rescue a small pup and he should arrive in a few weeks  time...it will be like having a toddler in the house again. watch this space, it really all rests on whether the cat approves!!

The future is brighter, actually NO!! the NOW is brighter..I want to be present in the now, 'cos it's taken me a long time to realise, I mean really realise, that is all we have.
The past is gone, over, just a memory somewhere inside...but being present and tangibly making myself FEEL everything, every word, thought, feeling, touch...is all there is, and all there ever will be...no more what if's, no more well this might or might not happen...
It is Now writing this post, that matters and is the only real thing, this moment...

and so here is 2014, unfolding...live in each moment... now that IS exciting!

Saz x

Joey - 4 months old, arriving early Feb

Saz x

Friday, 6 December 2013

awards dinner

Stuart my biz partner and I posing

Lynn my plus 1..fellow trader and best friend  on 'red' carpet

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

cinders in going to the ball...

so l should be feeling er excited, proud...nah more concerned about the flab plopping out at some special moment...

Warwick Tower, my biz, was nominated for retailer of the year by a networking group back in June, the public voted for three months and then we were short-listed to the final three....( we've only been open 7 months) and tomorrow is the awards dinner at a central hotel ballroom AND a bloody red carpet an all.. and all  this is in Carlisle..

so I went and bought my first long gown, thanks tkmaxx, am sure mum was with me, she loved tkmaxximama, we used to call it...and it was the first one l looked at... a long black lace column dress, very simple, and I have shoes, vintage bag, several earrings to choose from...and if I had a bath I would soak long and bubbly, but a shower will have to suffice..

My biz partner is taking his girl and as l haven't a plus one I am taking a girl too!

so after a few glasses of Jack and a shit load of slap/make up, I am sure we will be presentable at least...now the nerves are kicking in ... and er....what if we actually won, aw lordy then I'd have to get up and make a speech...

best buy another bottle of Jack...!!

Saz x
update you all later...